Interventional Spine Pain Management in Jersey City

Expert Interventional Pain Management Physicians Serving Hudson County

Urban Spine and Rehab
Urban Spine and Rehab


Accurate diagnosis of spine and joint pain using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools in a warm and welcoming environment

Urban Spine and Rehab
Urban Spine and Rehab


A team of physicians and therapists working together to optimize your recovery and get you back to feeling your best

Urban Spine and Rehab
Urban Spine and Rehab


Compassionate care in a newly renovated 3400 square foot facility with first floor, handicap access and ample parking

About Us

Urban Spine and Rehab is an integrative healthcare practice committed to easing your discomfort and enhancing your quality of life. We proudly serve Jersey City, bringing quality care to our patients in a central and accessible location. Our experienced multidisciplinary team consists of board-certified interventional pain management physicians, physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) specialists, along with chiropractors, all supported by a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to providing the attention, care, and respect you rightly deserve.

Located at 75 Montgomery Street, Urban Spine and Rehab welcomes patients from all over northern New Jersey. Our location is easily accessible by driving and public transportation, making it convenient for patients to reach us.

At Urban Spine and Rehab, we craft individualized treatment plans that utilize minimally invasive techniques. Our aim is to address the root causes of spine and joint discomfort, offering sustainable relief. We strive to offer our patients thorough and empathetic pain management, with the goal of restoring a vibrant and active lifestyle.

We diagnose and manage a multitude of conditions related to the neck, back, and joints. Whether it is facet pain, herniated disks, sciatica, sacroiliac joint pain, knee discomfort, shoulder aches, hip issues, wrist pain or myofascial pain, our highly trained physicians provide cutting-edge care in line with the best practice guidelines. We treat conditions caused by a range of factors including work-related injuries, sports, and automobile incidents, or simply due to wear and tear associated with the natural aging process.

Our physicians are trained, certified and experienced with the following procedures:

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Contact us today to book and appointment at (908) 665-1938. We accept most major insurances and have convenient hours, including evenings and weekends.

Our office has been newly renovated and includes modern, updated equipment to assist our doctors in making a rapid and accurate diagnosis. Please click here to see pictures of our office.

We respect patient privacy. All diagnostic evaluations and procedures are performed in private rooms. Call us today to schedule an appointment at (908) 665-1938. You can also make an appointment through FB Messenger or WhatsApp